Trigger Point Therapy

Side by side massage available or massage in separate rooms. My colleague and I will coordinate the massages at the same time, either side by side, or in separate rooms. Great gift for birthdays or anniversaries. Also fun for a girls spa day!

Couples Massage

This massage  consists of specific components designed to cut down on sports-related injuries. It specifically alleviates muscle tension and inflammation post-event, and provides a warm-up to loosen muscles for amateur and professional athletes pre-event. This massage may include hot packs, hot stones and aromatherapy.


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Golf  Massage




This massage is for the athlete who is looking to recover from the repetitive motion and muscle strain associated with the golf swing. Focus is usually on treating lower back pain and shoulder issues, common for the golfer. It uses a combination of deep tissue massage,stretches and and range of motion to balance the body. 

This spa-type massage consists of long, flowing strokes. It affects the upper layer of the muscles. It increases circulation, removes toxins, and relaxes muscle tension. 
This treatment includes hot towels and aromatherapy.


Sports Massage

This is a deep tissue massage, geared toward those that need attention to specific parts of the body. The tension could be the result of chronic pain, stress, injury, overcompensation, or postural imbalance. It incorporates movement, stretching, and joint mobilization.
This treatment includes hot towels and aromatherapy.

Swedish Massage